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  1. Under the new requirements do staff need to be double jabbed also mate?
  2. and who was the poor thing who had the pleasure of having Mac sit on her face?
  3. i heard that was over turned. I hope it is. Whilst im not in Thailand onlyfans is my regular source of "stress release"
  4. A boring coffee to keep me awake for the next few hours to watch the F1
  5. Its totally a virus. Or more like a disease. 1st trip was 10 years ago. 24 hours after i landed back in Australia i was already booking my second trip. 10 years on and i think im up to about 30 Pattaya trips now. And last time i was there was December 2019 before the world stopped and its like a junkie trying to stay clean.
  6. Not up to the standard of some of the cars in this thread, but i wouldnt trade in my Beast for anything..
  7. On a bit of an Alice Cooper ick at the moment (271) Alice Cooper - Spark in the Dark (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World) - YouTube
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