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  1. Done with it all now. Not even gonna wear a face mask and I have done everything properly all the way through its an absolute piss take
  2. Reminds me of school days gotta be 83 ish?
  3. Thank f**k I'm not living in Thailand just now , makes you realise not that I dodnt know already what they all think deep down ThaiRakThai Meanwhile in the U.K everybody matter what skin colour , nationality originally or whatever is able to get the Vax when it comes to their turn.
  4. Truthfully it's absolute Dogshite. Can't remember apart from ABBA anyone being any good on it.
  5. Mine same too the 20th June .. Maybe it's the expiration date of the QR Code ?? (From today) and then you would have to download another. No doubt we will find out .
  6. Just checked on the NHS App the Vaccine status is up and running on it.. It should have your name, date of birth, covid vaccines and a personal QR Code . Good to go now , except we're not for LOS just yet 🙄😷
  7. Twitter and Messenger on FB Used to be this forum and ones before , but the longer Covid goes on and no travel plans the less I am interested ..
  8. What a shame 🙄🤣🤣
  9. I agree 100% from May on though its gonna be from June by the looks... Been back at the gym and it's exactly as it was before Covid thank f**k (though we have to spray shit down after which was always good etiquette anyway)
  10. Don't mind Rihanna myself , she hasn't made any new music in forever.
  11. Must be terrible stuck in Thailand 🙄 We've all been trying to stay afloat all around the world I would have settled for Thailand over The UK (except for the vaccines) Where's my beers 🍻
  12. Tom Boro .. There's a blast from the past. Hope you are well pal. Time does fly!!
  13. Snippet of Soi 7 (not Larry 🤣) I took in 2019
  14. I'd take it anyway over this lockdown bollocks, but that's for another thread. Enjoying the pics Thanks lads
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