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  1. A goal from Dennis the Menace....He was my bench fodder to be transferred out .... "Funny old game" isn't it !!!
  2. The problem being that if he comes on for 5 minutes and only gets one point (x 2) then bloody Jota gets a hattrick you'll be hitting the Hongthong!!
  3. I was wrong. Torres is on the bench to be brought on for the last 5 minutes like bloody Havertz was in my first game!!!
  4. I've got Bangkok red line (MRT) and Coufal ....then nobody else !!
  5. TAA and Torres out of the squads ....Jeez it's gonna be a tough GW!
  6. Very true ... but like other marketing tools it can also be the tool that kills you. It won't take long for social media to spread the news of establishments "misleading" punters. A big shout out to Dive Bar and Le Pub for having new ideas rather than the dross that NWG puts out there .
  7. But you changed him for Van Dyjk ....Personally I would have gone for Semedo .."...You say Semedo and I say Samado". He is definitely on my next shopping list!
  8. Yep, it is quite sad that some poor bloke in Farangland is getting egged on by NWG shills to spend money that he hasn't got to see his "girlfriend" blowing kisses at him. Some see it as the future, but it won't last long because within a year these blokes will turn up to discover the truth, and the saddest thing is that the shills will be asking for "mandrinks" for giving him advice.
  9. Another tip. Don't try to play both competitions in parallel. Short term decisions for the H2H will effect the overall score later. That's why I don't do H2H. And I agree with Stillearly, that was a good call. He was going to be one of my transfer targets but injuries and red cards prevented it. Good call mate!!
  10. I like what the bloke in Dive Bar is doing with the exercise routines but if it doesn't open up early enough then I shan't be going in, which is a shame really.
  11. It was going to be Raphinia but with no news coming out about all the Spurs' injuries I plumped for The Beast !
  12. Most prices in Pattaya are dependent on two things. The rent that building owners charge and the amount of tea money that is requested. Neither of these two groups are interested in the welfare of transient punters and will at the very least return to last years pricing if not more. If they remain empty then the owners will just stay boarded up. I am looking forward to seeing the blackboard outside Proms Guesthouse and see how they will be handling life after lockdown because there aint gonna be anywhere cheaper selling large beers so it will be a good indication. Another "Patta
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