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  1. May he will find a good joke on the other side .
  2. I have developed a taste for wheat beer .I just had a bottle of Rheinbacher Weissbier ,brewed in accordance with the German purity law .ALC 5%.......1.5 Euros for a 500 ml bottle from Aldi here in Ireland .
  3. My Allotment in Dublin City .Things growing fast now that its July /21 and quite warm for Ireland .I am growing Potatoes ,Tomatoes ,Lettuce ,Cucumber ,Strawberry ,Brussel sprouts ,Onions ,Sweet Corn ,and some Flowers .
  4. On the contrary ,it may be time to ditch vaxed friends .There is increased evidence that they shed the poison ,to their nearest and dearest .
  5. Sausage king is good ,in a nice relaxed garden atmosphere .Its about a 5 minute scooter ride from Meechok Plaza.
  6. Heard they built it higher than allowed in the plans ,and were forced to stop.
  7. Correct .I moved up North to Chiang mai in 2010 .I did like posting photos taken around Pattaya .There was another guy used post far more photos than me .Mainly girls on motorcycles .I think he may have been called Steve .Nice Guy .I met him once in Nickom Court ,Soi Bukhao
  8. Edinburgh sounds expensive like Dublin .A Coffee here though is usually 3 euros and a few cents .For cheap pints go to Wetherspoons . As far as the needle craft goes ? over my dead body .(forgive the pun ) ,I will never take it .
  9. Here in Ireland if you swipe your card more than 3 times in the same day on the 4 th purchase it will ask for a pin code .Also if the purchase is over 50 Euro .
  10. Was it ever ,Mr Egg ? 😉
  11. My ex-wife had a legit massage shop in Chiang mai .The massage girls got half the fee .Example ,the usual one hour was B200 (regular Thai massage ) .They got B100 plus any tip .I am guessing that they would make at least B10,000 a month ,and possibly B20,000 on a good month .This was 10 km out of central Chiang mai and next to a busy shopping center .
  12. Yes in a small way .I had a LABRADOR pair ,who had several sets of puppies .
  13. Hi all ,Spent 15 years in Thailand ,mostly in Chiang mai .Now back in Dublin .
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