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  1. Bit Bored today - Decided to Paint one of Rockwell's Pictures " The Jester".. It`s not Finished ( only 5 Hours work ) but it passed the Time while it was Raining...I've always liked this picture as it`s a bit like me - It`s was my Job to make people Laugh and Smile - but Nobody knows what I FEEL. "The Picture says it well ".
  2. I was feeling peckish the other evening and I popped into my Local 'TEXAS CHICKEN' here in Pattaya for a 'WRAP SET' - It said on the MENU that it was 115 Baht..Great !!! I handed the girl 120 Baht...She asked me "Eat Here or Takeaway ". I said "Takeaway ".......She said " 140 BAHT '. My Brain couldn't work out what she was saying !!! I pointed to the MENU and it said 115 BAHT !!! I said " 115 BAHT'... She said " IF I HAVE A TAKEAWAY it`s 25 BAHT EXTRA....". I have never heard this ever being used in ANY RESTAURANT in all the 28 Years of living here !!!! Is this NEW ? Are all the Restaurants going to do this ? I'm amazed !!! What do you think ? P.S. I grabbed my 115 Baht and walked out.
  3. I have just finished my rendering of Norman Rockwell`s 'The Gossip' in Oils...20x16.. It passes the time while in Lock-down - The problem is - What am I going to do NOW !!!! OH !!! I'm taking Bids on the Painting - So Far - 20,000 Baht. Who wants it ?
  4. Big SNAKE outside TEXAS CHICKEN ( South Pattaya Road ) tonight..about 4 foot long..These Guys caught it and Bagged it...( Be careful where you walk and sit ) It was behind that Red Sign.
  5. It took about 30 hours - I did it while I was watching the Tele.. I wasn't happy when the Cat came in after walking in the Rain and Walked all over another Scraper-board I had just finished. Maybe he just wanted to Sign it...
  6. Here is One of my Scraper-board Etchings - It`s a White Clay Board covered with BLACK INK - You get a PIN or NEEDLE and Scratch the Black ink off.. I enjoyed doing these - the effect was quite stunning.
  7. I live on the 4th Floor in a Condo in Pattaya..The other morning I went to go out onto my Balcony - Something moved !!! I thought it was a Rat !!! When I took a longer look it turned into a Love-able Hamster..Quite Tame and Friendly..I fed it and gave it water...How the Hell it got onto my Balcony I will never know..I asked around if anybody had lost one - NO !!!! I gave it to the Managers daughter...Amazing Thailand.
  8. Sitting on my Garden Balcony copying a Norman Rockwell Picture in Oils...Very Relaxing..
  9. On the other side of the Road was this Beautiful White Goose..Happily strutting around outside an Empty Bar.. Amazing Pattaya.
  10. What has Terminal 21 got to do with these Maps - We are talking ABOUT BARS ? The MAPS are ABOUT BARS !!! Wake up Derek !!
  11. Here is my Barhopping Map 11 Years ago When the Bars were Marvelous - Great Fun...Here is my Map of how the Bars look Today..VERY VERY SAD....You have to wander which ones will survive once they are allowed to Open. We will just have to wait and see...
  12. cartoonman


    I went to Kampot 2 years ago - I was told it was Fantastic - As above it`s a pretty Tiny Town - you can walk everywhere in a few hours - Cheap Beer - Nice Food - CRAP ROADS - Knocked my Back out in a Taxi hitting Pothole after Pothole..I stayed in a Great Place right next to the river BUT I had BOOKED for a Week and IT WAS 'BORING AS BAT SHIT'..I kept feeling 'This is the Place to go to get you prepared for when you DIE..' No. Not for Me...Glad I've seen it but I will never go back...
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