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  1. Sitting here and debating what to do now my self isolation has now finished and I'm free ! I'll admit now I wasn't strict about it and did have daily trips down to the local Co-op but today I'm off into town to sort out my bank and doctors and to have a wander around the local precinct and then off to Morrisons. Sad old git that I am I'm actually excited about it.
  2. Just finished binge watching the 2 series. Got to say I thought it was brilliant and very cleverly made. Well worth a look.
  3. I'm still a fan but I'm thinking that these last 2 Chinese items were never even in stock ? I'll wait until I'm back in England and order them via ebay as they have them available in there.
  4. Generally they've been pretty good but in the last couple of months I've noticed the delivery is getting longer. Even now I've just looked and something I ordered and paid for on the 14th May is still showing as processing and hasn't been dispatched yet, and this is supposedly only coming from Bangkok ? A couple of items ordered from China were supposed to be here no later than the 15th May and they're showing as still in Chinese customs ?
  5. That's the part that got me. When I had PAYG calls were silly money, just delved a bit deeper and it seems like calls to a thai mobile are 3p a minute.
  6. https://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/compare/no_credit_check_sim_only_deals/ I just tried here and found these deals, surely they're too good to be true ? Oh and I checked Lebara and they use the Vodafone network so they must be legit ??
  7. I vaguely remember having a tesco sim the last time I was over there and never an issue with it and guess who's coming up trumps on the site below ? Tesco. Cracking site that, thanks. No data carry over now by the looks of it but decent deals by them.
  8. Sure I read somewhere that Villa Park had already offered but has been turned down ? Spurs place would be a good alternative ?
  9. I've been looking at EE as they seemed to do well in the comparisons I've looked at, I did their calculation and it came out at 1.8gb. I did roughly the same on the site you gave me with a lot of different questions and it came up as 'unlimited' ??
  10. Question now for the phone techie people on here as I have zero idea. When I get back I'm going to need a simcard, probably a PAYG to start ? Now I'm seeing all sorts of plans for how many GB I might need, my question is what would I need ? I'll be using the phone for calls and texts and online I'll be using whatsapp and messenger and maybe Line, I doubt very much I'll be watching youtube or movies or doing much searching online so how many GB will I be ok with ?
  11. Coincidence or what ? I bought some insurance for Covid on Wednesday this week as a precaution against me failing the fit to fly test and being hauled off to one of the luxury cells for quarantine. I bought it and paid for it online and apart from a couple of slight issues where they got my email address wrong which they sorted quite quickly I'm happy with their service so far. They also told me they would send me the documents via the post in the next 7-10 days. It arrived this morning via EMS and the bloke rang my bell and got my signature. All good for me and as a big complainer a
  12. Don't be silly. That'd involve a bit of common sense and how much of that is there in football nowadays ?
  13. Sure is, reminds me of my old school reports and my success rates with women here.
  14. Heat I can live with but the humidity here is the killer for me and the same as above, I miss the seasons too.
  15. Nicked this from Richard Barrow's facebook page. Impressive eh !
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