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  1. I dont know if this is the right place but can anyone tell me where Thais can get the Pfizer or moderna vaccine in the general Bang Bon area? I see this ad at Ekachai hospital.
  2. I've often wondered how many of the bars in Pattaya are intentionally "hobby bars," that have been purchased or set up to fulfill their retired owners dream of owning a bar in Patts. More interested in the lifestyle as they perceive it rather than making a profit, with break even the goal. If so I wonder how many have been successful. Myself and two Thai tragic friends have mused over doing this. All have bar/catering experience, one with years of experience in Thailand, not that that will prevent you going broke especially there. We all have sufficient spare funds to throw on a project and walk away if it fails which IMHO you need to be able to do in LOS.
  3. i havent been to Pattaya for 2 years now. it will be interesting to see when I eventually go back.
  4. I'm quite disgusted with some of those lewd suggestions about the goings on around the island bars. I'll be there as soon as the planes are up and running. Just so that I can register my disgust with one or two or maybe three of the girls of course.
  5. Great pictures from many contributors. Some look like interesting places to visit when things settle down. Would be great if posters could put street names and location as I am unfamiliar and will keep them in mind for next year.
  6. Stayed there myself. The rooms were good the breakfast by the pool was good. Back when Soi 33 had some good bars. I use to frequent Dagars in the 90s. It was a good friendly bar back then. Use to go to Renoirs on occasion too. I thought it had atmosphere. Sad to see the end of all of those bars. I Still like the beergarden in soi 7 and Check in 99 R.I.P.
  7. It certainly was declining. I was last there in 2019. Walked the length of Soi 6 there was barely anyone in most bars. one or two at most. It was late afternoon but even so quiet for that time. Had a drink in Scooters where there was about 4 others but most bars had one or two customes at most and quit a few with none. The only one with decent patronage was the corner bar. The guy who had the bar next door to corner bar told me he had 3 bars in Soi six all doing well but it seemed a stretch at what I'd obseved. That night I went to Soi Diamond but again very few customers. and some bars closed The same with that complex of about 10 small bars beachside of walking street. But to be fair it was not in high season which seems to have shortened each year for the past few years as Jambo pointed out.
  8. I do like a play on words. On an Australian football forum, as I am a mad Geelong Cats AFL team supporter, my N.D.P there is Bangkok Pussy which appeared to be somewhat off putting to some of the supporters but IMO perfectly apropriate as I was living in Bangkok when I joined.😊 The meaning on this forum would probably be lost as many are yet to experience the joys, thrills and exhilaration of Australian rules football.
  9. How is the corner bar on soi 6 doing? Last time I was there pre covid it was doing well and had pretty good patronage. I spoke to the owner of the bar next door to the corner bar in soi 6 who said he was doing well but there was only one customer in there while the corner bar was fairly full.
  10. Yes. They briefly moved to soi 33. I heard the filipino girls had left. Pity, I liked their music. They were there for years too. Hope they ended up in a good place.
  11. Wang wian yai SRT station. Rail line goes to Mahachai seafood market and chin river.
  12. My current bike 2003 Yamaha Vstar 1100.
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