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  1. That will please many people, assuming it will be under the same management as before.....
  2. And only 10% of the potatoes and veg', and completely forgot to show the bowl of beans and the gravy boat too.....
  3. I have a similar problem when wearing short shorts, although i do not have a tattoo on my cock......
  4. Bushmills is fine, if that's your spirit of choice. One has to have a treat sometimes Bin, go on, be a devil mate.....
  5. I bet that's bloody lovely, even more-so if you stir a shot of dark rum into it too.....
  6. Your obviously looking in the wrong place Mr. Dangle. Maybe you should look here mate, head up Soi Siam Country Club, across the railway junction then about 100mtrs on the left side. No, we don't need a picture if you do find something suitable, although on 2nd thoughts...........55555
  7. I could do with two or three of those right now, and yes i am a greedy bugger............
  8. I'm likely not too far behind you Dangle, also real ale and pie induced, though i've never bothered with the massage. I was hoping that after coming to live here many moons ago the lack of real ale would help reduce them, but i fear that my aging years are now playing a part. Such is life, it's still good and very enjoyable..................
  9. I would not argue with that Laz, i have experienced some which were very realistic, and some which were bloody awful. But generally big boobs are a turn off to me, i prefer small / medium in relation to body size. The girl cutting the chap's hair in the video in the original post to me has a lovely face, but her boobs really really turn me off, makes no odds if natural or bolt-ons, to me they are unattractive. We are all different mate, prefer different things, and are happy in our own way.....
  10. Good to know i'm not alone, as i'm right there with you Baz, in fact i find them quite a turn off......
  11. Looking at those pic's, i was rubbing my eyes, thinking my eyesight was going !!!
  12. A couple of times i have thought that my quote / post has not worked, but then i noticed that it has started a new page. As when the site refreshes it goes to the one you were reading before posting. ( hopefully that makes sense )
  13. Bollox, looks like i will not be trying anymore of the rooms then, unless of course somebody takes the place over and re-opens. But many thanks mate for your reply.
  14. Can you tell me mate if the Red Rose Hotel is still open in Chiang Rai ?? Quite an interesting place to stay....I have made use of one of the jungle rooms, the one with the waterfall and the bed like a treehouse above, also the Venice room where the bed is on a gondola which actually floats on water, many more to explore one day i hope.....
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