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    Getting a visa to enter Cambodia is currently difficult and lockdowns and curfews there are switched on and off.
  2. Xuv


    Between range of $10 to $30
  3. Most returning visitors get about $800 back from the $2000 entry deposit if they have taken the mystery bus to a quarantine hotel although pre-booking and choosing a luxury hotel for quarantine will cost most of the 2000 or more. The biggest problem for me is getting a new Cambodia visa to replace one that has expired. Cambodia seems to be leading in vaccination rates and hopefully will ease entry requirements by the end of the year for the double jabbed.
  4. Xuv


    I was last in Kampot March 2020 and it has developed greatly in the last 20 years into a lovely town. Inexpensive to rent accomodation, lots of good quality restaurants, beer costs between 50c and 1$ on average and there are now about 18 girly bars and some lovely hostesses. Pattaya expats may find it a little quiet compared to what they are used to..
  5. Usually spend 2 weeks in Thailand each year, 5 months in Cambodia and the remainder in UK where I am now stuck due to covid travel restrictions. 😖
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