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  1. Your right its an early Alpine. 🙂
  2. Yeah, its ok as although we do the City we also cover all of Essex and a lot of Suffolk etc so its not always the same, spend a lot of time in the depot as well now as step up fleet technician, 🙂
  3. I drive for a living so I reckon I do between 200 and 800 miles a week work alone. 🙂
  4. Blues Factory opened in Feb 2001 although I didn't go until Aug 2001, I remember next to JP the beer bar on the corner (later became Tiger Bar) had a band and it had been there for a while, only really remember because we used to sit in JP and watch. Later on the Hard Rock bar was on the opposite side of JP, come to think of it it may of been Hand Rock because I'm pretty sure that the real Hard Rock Cafes legal team wouldn't of stood for that lol. 🙂
  5. Hard Rock Bar wasn't it or was that opposite? My mates (Hot Tuna Bars) sisters owns that. There was another one next to JP that had the bloke in the silver mask in the band (2001 etc) 🙂
  6. Used to go quite often when I lived there as also on trips after, always nice and good value. 🙂
  7. Also realize how cheap some things here are. 🙂
  8. Love Beetles, had one here in the UK and one while I was in Pattaya. 🙂
  9. Went to the national Alfa show last week, the wife took these pics as I was too lazy. 😃
  10. No real change at all for me 😞 Still working 4 days a week, find myself do mainly pm shifts now, don't see the point of being off all afternoon when I can't go anywhere, also stops me from walking around Tesco's spending money on stuff I don't need through boredom. 😄 Probably hitting the scotch a bit too much on may days off though. 🙂
  11. I don't think I ever met Phil but have exchanged messages in the past, he seemed like a very nice Guy. Rip and condolences. 😞
  12. I've driven a 959, wasn't supposed to but couldn't resist a spin around the block. 🙂
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