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  1. Sugar puffs! Not eaten those since I was a kid……
  2. Had a strawberry soya yoghurt this morning, you wouldn’t know there difference. Fake bacon is shit though….
  3. Smart, intelligent girl who speaks really well also. Also speaks fluent mandarin as her mum is Chinese, so that’s an additional flow of cash for her from the Chinese market.
  4. @Jambohows the sex situation, or are you back to the reality of wanking a few times a week now no cheap hookers on every corner? 🤪
  5. Mine same, the same day. Got to ring first thing though.
  6. Delighted for her, seems a lovely girl as well. Hope she doesn’t morph into a prick like Lewis Hamilton as fame starts to take hold…..
  7. Beef, with crispy Parmesan cheese on top. Then onion strings and fried potatoes on the side, very tasty.
  8. In Santorini for few days for a friends wedding.
  9. HGV drivers aside, most are min wage jobs though so nothing to get too excited about.
  10. Sangsom


    These games with lower scores are a great watch, hopefully we can get a bit ahead! 😱
  11. Sangsom


    Deffo, in the balance and a certain result. First half of tomorrow probably dictates the result.
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