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  1. Extended break to get the hell away from restrictions or just a week or two?
  2. In that heat they were never going at it for the full 90 mins. Good in patches, got the win, build to the next game.
  3. Is that on a side plate or is it a portion for 3 people? 😱
  4. Dont think I can use a VPN from my TV mate.
  5. I tend you mostly watch you tube either on my TV or through the app on my IPad, not sure if ad blockers would work for either of those 🤔
  6. Is it possible to put this on a Samsung TV?
  7. The numbers of ads has deffo gone up for me, not the end of the world but if I could get rid of them for a small fee I would.
  8. Hi All, Just wondering what people are paying for this? Have heard people say £9.99 in the past but not seen anything less that’s £16.99 per month myself, what’s the consensus? The ads don’t massively bother me but would probably go for it at £9.99. Cheers
  9. No about £5 so basically the same price….
  10. Had my car cleaned the other week, the lads cleaning it were taking the piss at the state of it given that it hadn’t been cleaned for over a year 🤣
  11. Think I’d struggle to get through much more than half of that! Looks good though.....
  12. It’s easy to do if you cook from scratch. I reckon I could make a decent cottage pie that would feed 12-14 people for not more than a tenner.
  13. A friend of mine used to have an apartment right on the road that goes down into Clifton from the bridge, you went out onto the balcony and that bridge was right there is front of you as your main view, pretty special view for an apartment. Didnt know you were mates with Matt Lucas 🤡
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