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  1. i see you grow a lot in buckets, is that to avoid aphids? I only ask as we finally discovered our enemy, the aphid and have been spraying with success. thanks
  2. PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS ON THIS FORUM THANKS. apart from it being illegal in THailand to create porn or porn chats, its not what the board is about thanks Tommy (Admin)
  3. my dr toldme bronchal pnumonia made worse by smog at the same time as you. then they didnt know about covid. later he confirmed. and it wasnt just me, 6 men and some of their families caught at same time, we all sit at the same bar table. me i am first in line when you can buy the shots. i look at it as betrter safe than sorry
  4. i this case i am fine with it. i have replied on the thred in depth. its bee anightmare and let a lot of listeners down for which i feel bad. mostly fixed now thanks
  5. oh dear. well at least you know why i have been off ere for weeks. so without further ado i will cover it all the problems have been numerous, and to make it worse all unrelated. 1.. our main digital network blew a vital unit. that took us off until i got it repaired which was a mega task 2.. a w10 update fucked up so much that i couldnt do it on my own as i hate w10. most of our system is linux but the actual playout network has to be 10 for the software to work. thats now been finally recified 3.. the transmitter in a differnet room blew. its government seale
  6. thanks guys. this weekend I am crawling around the transmitter roowith the thai expert, trying to fix things. such an exciting rock and roll life 555
  7. nice pics. lots of old boats there ripe to be renovated too. maybe at some point in another post can u tell us where you are every now and again. i love pics of sheen, richmond and down to putney
  8. do u have a link for that oh lover of rats
  9. forced with our new work s ware to use w10, i hate it.. for the updates. cannot find a way to turn them off, and w10 forces a restart every week or so if left on 24/7. causing me serious ag
  10. michael you cant be lost, you found us here 😉
  11. i am a mine of useless info.. but it is illegal under the thai traffic acts for a leper to ride in a licenced taxi. keep that in mind when using grab 🙂
  12. Royal blue darling, lets get it spot on 5555555
  13. Nick is the slow one in the middles eating all the pie
  14. johnluke, nightcrawler and pricklock are all mods Lanza's name will always sit there as root admin 🙂
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