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  1. Better than nothing...he's been playing well this year...Pep is tinkering methinks.
  2. A good day for anti vaxers to get vaccinated...Get vaccinated and travel freely again...you know it makes sense.
  3. I was worried once I heard him start talking...but thankfully he turned out to be an anti vax retard
  4. Tell all your Luddite mates it's called technological progress.
  5. Do you mean ex Secrets girl Pom? She used to circle the bar at Secrets looking for her next victim and was often referred to as the 'shark' 😁
  6. Funny but for the first time in 18 months this week I have been checking out flights and hotels for mid November. Flight prices are variable but obviously not as plentiful early 2020. Some good bargains to be had in hotels and usually at the top end...4 and 5 star hotels...for example the Dusit Thani at least half of what it was early 2020...but as you say, once demand increases it's hard to see them remaining so. Cracking thread 👌
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