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  1. If you want some food let me know
  2. The old Secrets hotel is open on 1 November, not SHA plus. The new name is SNA Inn. The contact number is 033641388
  3. Don’t worry, I won’t be going there 555
  4. New editions to the menu include fried rice and home made hamburger with beetroot salad
  5. Latest staff photos taken on Wednesday. No alcohol yet, but a customer rang the bell . Thanks
  6. Bad news mate. Hope you can make it soon
  7. If it was cash then the lawyer would remain silent. Thai legal system all about face.
  8. I had the unfortunate experience of watching the Triller Show featuring Evander Holyfield two weeks ago. Somebody please stop these virus shows.
  9. Yes, me no speak da Engrit. We open midday.
  10. I used to live in this Diahatsu HiJet van for about 18 months. Was a great time and I saved a ton of money. Didn’t like speed bumps.
  11. Yes, from my bar, but I did enjoy it. Mini fish and chips and curry sauce.
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