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  1. On Soi8 at y hotel, waiting for walking street to open.
  2. Nice read this week Mr.Stick
  3. When they're flipping you off, is it a sign of "hello sexy man"?
  4. All 10/10, except for the dude sitting on the crates of beer on the pickup truck.
  5. Sunshine Hotel on Soi8 has always worked for me. The location is great, around 1500 baht per night.
  6. Never will part with my cash to support the sick water buffalo.
  7. Two weeks maximum. Then back to civilization.
  8. I am back home. In the greatest country in the world...Canada.
  9. When Donalds done with her, id gladly take over.
  10. I guess it depends how far the age gap is. I'm 60, if my gal pal was 20, sure as hell not going to work. But then id be dead in a week from to much boom boom..
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