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  1. In the US, Vaccinations are free to the public I believe. The Government sees a general need for as many people to be immune regardless of the ability / willingness to be jabbed. Since this is a single payer product, there is no huge profits to be made.
  2. Could you PM me with that or even better, post it here for everybody please?
  3. Mrmango


    It was broadcast on ITV4, if you can get catchup TV I am in the US and do not have access to ITV
  4. Mrmango


    Does anyone have a URL that I can view this?
  5. Mrmango


    At a party, a women confronted Churchill and told him "If I was married to you, I would put poison in your drink" Churchill responded: Madam, if we are married, I would drink it"
  6. I had a cancerous tumor the size of a large Cigar removed the same way. It must have been like pack-man - nibble a little bite, take out and repeat..... While I was totally out during the procedure, the rope scraped the urethra lining, and for days, it felt like I was pissing razor blades. I have an annual "Rope up the dick" procedure, and its not something I look forward to.
  7. We were talking about Fauchi, not Trump, but if you want to use that logic, then you must agree that Obummer told a lot of whoppers! - You can keep you Doc, etc.
  8. Any honorable person would resign, rather than blatantly lying tot he public. He obviously is not honorable.
  9. Agree, but that was not the question. He admitted that he knowing lied about the wearing of masks to prevent a run on them when they were in short supply for first responders. He did not make a mistake, he lied through his teeth.
  10. I disagree. He once resisted the call for masks as he said they were ineffcted, but later admitted that he said that so the supply was not deleted as health care people needed them. A intentional lie.
  11. That is one possibility, but it is certain that Governments will gradually inflate their currency as they have since they changed it to fiat currency. The US Fed has a goal of 2% inflation, which means that in 10 years the currency will be worth half what it is today.
  12. Actually, Pete was the one who got me started investing in coin.
  13. Actually, in the beginnings, the price was less than a penny. One of the early transactions was someone offered 10,000 coins for a Pizza delivery (about $20US$)
  14. Ponzi Scheme? IMHO, it doesen't come close to one as nobody is offering to pay you back with a profit after a period of time. Like all fiat currency's, it has no intrinsic value, as it's only worth what a willing seller and a willing buyer agree to, with no governmental interference or control, which is a plus, not a negative. As for manipulation, there is no bigger manipulator than Governments, who are committed to gradually inflating currency's until they run out of zero's.
  15. Total BS, at least here in Hawaii. My friends Thai GF, who had no job or assets, suddenly could not remember where her car was parked. They called 911, rushed her to a hospitable and after tests, airlifted her to Honolulu at a cost of $90,000 or so. After a few days, they found a brain tumor and scheduled a operation in 10 days with a specialist. Cost, maybe $400,000 but she paid nothing with no obligation to repay anything.
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