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  1. Understand. My Ex could outrun me in high heels, and did on a few occasions.
  2. What seems funny to me is that it's ok to use, but not too much.
  3. To keep it in context, from what I have read, the drug is not banned and is commonly used, but the amount in the bloodstream is limited at race time.
  4. I doubt it. As I remember, he has been caught, what 4-5 times for the same thing over the years.
  5. Many years ago, late at night, I took my BF to Soi 6 so she could show off her new ATM. The place was empty, so in a drunken state, I rang the bell expecting to pay for 3 drinks. Immediately we were mobbed by 10-12 girls' who worked next door or heard the bell. First and last time.
  6. Not familiar with JVC, but in the US, a Chinese company bought out Packard Bell a few years after they closed down, and used the good name to sell junk PC's
  7. I agree but not Samsung. They make great phones, but they insist you use Bixby and you cannot remove it. My next phone is going to be a Pixel
  8. Many years ago, I fles first class from Detroit to Frankfurt on a 747, and there were less than 30 passengers aboard. After the drinks and food, I went back to economy where I could get 4 middle seats and slept.
  9. If so, I am confused. I have had both shots and I would think my immune system is fully able to mount a strong defense.
  10. The problem with your logic is that the education system in the US is totally f***d up. High school grads cannot read their diploma or do simple math. Most US public schools are simply day care, rather than education. You need to fix the education system first.
  11. Mrmango


    Can you tell me how I can watch here in the US?
  12. In the US, Vaccinations are free to the public I believe. The Government sees a general need for as many people to be immune regardless of the ability / willingness to be jabbed. Since this is a single payer product, there is no huge profits to be made.
  13. And of course, the City must have had insurance, so most of it was not their money.
  14. They will loot a store bare, with the exception of fathers day cards...
  15. Could you PM me with that or even better, post it here for everybody please?
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