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  1. I used to get mine checked yearly at my opticians, but last year, the NHS took these eye test/checks back in house. So now I go to a testing centre near to home and have it done yearly, but still see the optometrist at my opticians yearly for standard eye checks. Eyes dilated and go sit in front of several machines for photos and tests for glaucoma etc. All very professional and free. πŸ€— latest results πŸ€“ All my medical test results from NHS are available from my GP on an App on my phone. πŸ‘
  2. I cleaned out the attic with the wife yesterday. Dirty, smelly, covered in cobwebs, but she’s good to the kids. πŸ₯Έ
  3. My latest test was BORDERLINE. Normally it’s bang in the middle of the range, so I’ll have another test next month to see if it’s gone down. πŸ€—
  4. I was brought up on the classics. My favourite is Brooks Violin concerto No 1. Some of Mahlers works move me as well. πŸ€—
  5. Hi Basti welcome to the forum. That curry looks good. πŸ€—
  6. Saw this on Channel 4 News this evening. It seems that cases of this awful disease is climbing fast in India.
  7. I know, I was joking. πŸ˜‰
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