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  1. If you get there wrap up warm mate... Can get seriously cold. Lucky for me I'm here in the summer months... 11.15 pm now and still light.
  2. Total wilderness I've never experienced before. There are some serious fishermen up here from all over Europe. Now, I'm in no way clued up about catching fish but some of the guys I've seen fly fishing are kitted out like they were on the front line versus ISIS!!!... But what do I know? Whilst my Swedish mate is waist deep in river water I disappear looking for new bird species I've never seen in the UK. So far I've seen more new species than he's caught fish so I'm happy. New birds to my list include Red kite Black kite Brambling Redstart Spotted
  3. Up in Lapland and no pubs or bars for 40 miles. Thank god for systembolaget.
  4. Fury is a movie I've seen many many times. All the characters are superb, especially young Norman and the guy who enjoys licking other people's fried eggs!
  5. Sitting by some river in Lapland(northern Sweden) watching my mate fly fishing for trout and grayling.
  6. I agree but nevertheless the police and stewards should have been there to sort it out.
  7. Neanderthals.... I'm embarrassed to be English sometimes. Been to Wembley a few times to watch England and as most northern people did back then we headed to soho. Always trouble with the southerners. From both sides. Some of the guys in that video are old enough to know better. Filth.
  8. What date does the season start please?
  9. Nope.... And why hasn't Grealish been introduced? His he injured or what?
  10. VID-20210711-WA0000.mp4
  11. Don't really know what to say. An awful 2020 followed by an equally awful 2021 so far... Didn't know the guy personally but jesus 39 is way to young. Tragic. RIP David.
  12. Pickford needs to up his game for the final. I'm afraid there is a massive mistake in him somewhere. Compare him to casper... Who would you have in goal?
  13. Could also be Pekin ducks.... Used on duck farms for our benefit!
  14. Well, the only other duck species that resembles those in your original photo are Gadwalls. Other than that I'm stumped!
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