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  1. Just looking out the window at the bloody weather, pouring with rain but leaving soon to go to have a pub meal as celebrating 3 years married with the wife. Going to enjoy myself even though I am a little bit envious of my mate (just got off the phone) who is getting excited for his trip on Singapore Airlines to Thailand on Thursday. My meal will have to do but the Thai weather would be welcome right now.
  2. Reminds me of when I worked for Coty (perfumes), part of Pfizer back in 1973. We made cans of spray mist but we had to change the name for the German market as I believe Mist in German is a little rude, something like manure or near translation. Nothing really to do with the topic but just made me remember that little bit of info from my time working back in 73. I did smell lovely on my way home though.
  3. Yes, I did read on Facebook that Phil had applied for his licence and expects a positive outcome imminently.
  4. This serving of alcohol is still just restaurants though isn't it. Also don't these restaurants need a special licence which determines what they can sell. I could spend an evening in Le Pub if it is deemed a restaurant and serving alcohol but for most coming to Pattaya I would think they are looking for the bars and go gos to open. For those in town though it is a move forward.
  5. Just spent 3 hours with the wife putting up a pine bunk bed for Kataleya, also took apart the double pine bed that she was in before. Pretty straight forward stuff but the number of dowels, screws, etc is mind boggling and now my hands and legs have given up. I need to sit down then take a shower. Thankfully Kataleya loves it.
  6. Just had my booster in Bristol. It has been 4 weeks since I have been eligible for my booster. Was waiting diligently for my invite letter as here in Wales they operate a different system from England and there is no booking system. Anyhow was wondering why I hadn't been invited so finally called the Swansea Health Board who told me I had been opted out because I had my first 2 jabs in England. Annoyed at being told they could opt me back in but would be a couple weeks before I get an invite so drove to a walk in clinic in Bristol. Opened midday and jabbed by 1215 although I did queue for 15 mins. For @AJSP info, I drove straight back so as to pick Porn up in Neath Port Talbot Hospital, she still had to wait 25 mins for me. Happy to get the Pfizer vaccine, had Astra Zeneca for first two. Feel great presently.
  7. I think the undertakers are gaining massive benefit in the scheme of things. They, sadly, are doing very well out if it as well.
  8. Other than the train journey from Kanchanaburi to Than Krasae I haven't had the pleasure of riding a major train route in Thailand. I hope to try out a trip between Hua Hin and the south at some stage.
  9. That's sad, I had a brilliant time there in September.
  10. Still feeling crook so in/out of bed. Paracetamol is my saviour. Soup and bread my food.
  11. Shivering indoors with central heating on. Not feeling good and the food I cooked earlier saw me eat just one bite before chucking it in the bin. Wife at a party in Merthyr Tydfil so just going to wrap up and lay on the sofa. Happy to sleep downstairs but will probably try to get myself to bed early. Took a lateral flow test which is negative but like @Boydeste it is early days. Hope it is a 24 hour bug so thankfully nothing special planned except an early night.
  12. I over exerted myself getting it up this morning, now lying down with a headache.
  13. I used to deliver to RAF Odiham when I was working. It is the home of the Chinook Squadrons, they have an unused one placed right at the gate. Always interesting when I was at the location.
  14. Think you will find it is a C17 not a Galaxy. The engines are a giveaway. Picture of Boeing C17 from underneath..
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