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  1. Discussing with my best friend who just retired and is in France at the moment, he told me he has planted some vegetables and herbs in his garden and asked me “Why you don’t try to grow something like that over there ?” Meaning in my mini garden in Bali. I laughed at the idea, as planting anything or gardening is really not my thing, but thinking about it we should maybe give it a try at the jungle house ? I mean in Europe the trend is all on exotic fruit etc…., well why here not try to plant something exotic for them like pears, prunes, peaches, abricots ? When I see the prices and the shit taste of what is available in local supermarkets (and it was same in HKG), it is maybe worth giving it a try. Now the idea is not going industrial but starting with a few trees of each and see what happen. Will it grow, will it be possible to commercialize it ? Worst case it all dies, best case if nobody likes it here well, we eat the fruit ourselves. Let’s be clear, I am not gonna turn in a Expat farming pensioner (VPI style). ! I will just raise the idea, try to get the necessary seeds or plants and ask brother in law and the Miss to take care. I have no clue how long it takes for a tree to start bearing fruit, no idea where to source the plants, so ATM this is just a idea dropped from the sky. So, if anybody has any comment, idea or suggestion about this, like the chances of it to grow or not under tropical climate etc…., your comments are all welcome. I think it was done in French Indochina by some colons, so I am pretty sure it IS possible technically. I open a separate topic for this, as I want to keep it separate from my regular Indo one.
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