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Post a random pic you took in Thailand


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On 8/6/2021 at 11:00 PM, hugh cow said:

I've spent a few dollars in the beer garden.

samsungpicdownloadoct18 487.jpg

Nice! Some good memories/experiences and one bad memory pertaining to the Avenue Mall. 

My first FL/street girl was picked-up from the Avenue Mall a dozen plus years ago.  I saw her coming outta the Mcdees at 2:30 in the morning. She was absolutely gorgeous wearing a short cute white dress.  We made eye contact and we walked towards one another.  And instead of saying hello or asking her name, the first thing outta my mouth was “how old are you?”   She said she was 25.  I was staying across the street at the Whitehouse Condotel, so it was a easy trip back to my room.  I was on my way to the Mcdees at 2:30am, but my plans changed, lol.  In the afternoon, when we both were up & she was getting ready to leave, I gave her #500 baht as my friend told me at the time, that was the going rate, lol.  A couple weeks later, I was eat at the Beer Garden with this same girl & her sister + her German boyfriend.  I remember the German guy telling me that my girl isn’t 25…”she’s 18”…. and I was thinking to myself, dam, I’m a dirty old man, lol….and this was over a dozen years ago when I was still a handsome man…nowadays, I don’t give a f#%€

On a couple of my early trips, I spent all my nights at the corner bar across from the Avenue Mall.  Once I was too drunk to drink anymore and usually it was so late and restaurants were closed, I would stumble to the self seating counter restaurant inside the Villa Mart at the Avenue Mall.  Anybody else remember the days when there was the kitchen inside the Villa Mart?

I spend my Thanksgiving in Patts and the Robin Hood is where we go for our annual turkey dinner.  

I use to go to the Starbucks every morning at the Avenue Mall.  

One of my holidays, a buddy of mine wanted to always get a burger at the old diner on the 2nd floor in the back.  So we ended up eating all our meals there.  He had a burger every meal and I ended up order from almost the entire menu twice.  That diner didn’t last very long, most visits, we were the only people there.  

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4 hours ago, Yesitisdakid said:

Been closed for long time before The virus situation. 

Yes, aware of that.  It seems to be some construction.  Just putting up for rent? Or already has new tenants?

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