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Bike Paths & Routes Around Pattaya


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Thought I'd add loop I usually do when updating the Shrinking Pattaya Reservoirs topic. It's a relatively easy 40km loop with minimal elevation gain.

The km distance included in parenthesis above each photo corresponds to the waypoints in the Google Map at the end of this post.

The starting point for the route is the railway road intersection at Soi Khao Nois. (0.0km)

When you get to the sign for the Indoor Stadium, turn left. (4.8km)

At the bottom of a small rise in the road turn left. (6.9km) Within a short distance of about 100m you'll make another left.

Another 100m and you'll be at the entrance to Huai Chak Nok Reservoir. (7.3km)

Then entrance is unmarked, but once you're on it you'll see the reservoir. There is a small stretch that has been recently graded over, but most times it has deep potholes. (7.5km)

Exiting the causeway you'll turn left. The tarmac road you follow is in good shape and an enjoyable ride. (10.2km)

At 11.2km you'll come to a T intersection where you'll turn left. The dip in the road before the intersection usually has a shallow, slow moving stream across it.

A warning here, learn from my experience and ride straight through the water before making any kind of turn. While the water is very shallow, there is algae build up on the road surface which makes for a very slick surface.

I went through at speed and while I only made a slight turn to adjust my path, I went down before I could even think WTF. Fortunately there was no damage to my bike. :default_biggrin:

The next section of road is in good shape, but be aware there are short sections where sand covers the road from storm runoff. (12.0km)

When you pass the white temple on the right you'll come to another T intersection. (13.1km) Turn right to continue on to Mabprachan Reservoir, or if you've had enough you can turn left to shortcut back to Pattaya.

If do decide to shortcut home, after turning left you'll encounter a split in the road. (13.4km). Going left will get you back to the railway road, baring right will take you on a scenic ride back Nern Plub Wan.

If you do take the scenic ride to Nern Plub Wan be very, very careful crossing the storm grates, of which there are several. The idiot road engineers never give a thought to those on two wheels when they install grates parallel to the direction of travel. If you don't cross at a slight angle, those riding on skinny tires are guaranteed to get trapped and flung over your handle bars. It happened today to a guy I came across just after he had gone down. Fortunately no damage to him or his bike other than a chain that jumped the front sprocket.

Back on the route to Mabprachan, the next left turn you want to watch for is Soi 27. (14.9km)

This section of road is a scenic ride that will take you past Siam Polo Park and Horseshoe Point. You also get a small hill climb in using the bridge that crosses the new highway. (16.0km)

At the crest of the bridge on clear days you can see Khao Chi Chan off in the distance. (16.4km)

At 20.7km your arrive at the Soi Siam Country Club road intersection and the Mabprachan Bike Path. There's no easy access to the bike path at the intersection, so if you want to stay off the busy road you'll need to walk your bike across a small, shallow ditch to get on the bike path. The bike path is two way, so it's your choice which way to ride. For this route I rode the path in a clockwise direction.

Once on the causeway there is a road off to the left that you can take for access to nice mtn bike trails on that side of the dam. (21.8km)

On the other side of the causeway there are a couple of access roads to mtn bike trails that run along the north shore of the reservoir. (23.9km) Use this link to view a post from 2020 about the off road options around Mabprachan.

They've completed a new section to Mabprachan Reservoir Park. (25.7km)

It has a side path off the main bike path with a good view of the reservoir and nice landscaping. (26.0km)

They've also repurposed the swim platform as a deck leading to the water's edge. (27.0km)

Seemed a waste not to to take advantage of the water for a cooling off dip.


From this point on it's an easy and simple ride along the bike path and then along Soi Siam Country Club road back to Pattaya. If you follow the route I used in the map below, you'll make you're way from SCC to Soi Nern Plub Wan and then along the railway road back to the start point for a total distance of 40km.

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