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20 hours ago, lazarus said:

Will make a lot of neck ties... 🐍

92 rattlesnakes retrieved from under Santa Rosa homerawImage.jpg


The leader of a Bay Area reptile rescue retrieved 92 Northern Pacific rattlesnakes from underneath a Santa Rosa home in early October.

Al Wolf, the director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue who has been rescuing snakes and other reptiles for the past 32 years through his nonprofit, responded on Oct. 2 to a resident’s call about a rattlesnake den underneath her home, located in the northeast section of Santa Rosa on the Mayacamas Mountains.

After finding an adult rattlesnake and several rattlesnake babies within just a couple minutes of dropping beneath the home — and after getting a whiff of the unmistakable, “special smell” of rattlesnake defecation — Wolf went to his car to retrieve more tools. He returned to the dark underbelly of the residence with two, red five-gallon buckets, a snake-grabber tool and slipped thick Hexarmor safety gloves over his hands.

One bucket was for baby snakes and small snakes, and the other bucket was for adult snakes....


A million $$$ home up there in Mayacamas no doubt. Evidently the snakes are complimentary...no extra charge.

Update: the snakes are freaking out. As righties, they prefer to be re-located in the@Krapowaward winning garden. 

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Just seen one of the baby snakes in the KSRO studio as I was leaving work.

Evidently, after the fires, this den of guys & gals sought a new sanctuary. 

I'm sure the owner didn't have a rodent problem! 🌝


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